Celebri-spiral™: Enough Already

Our culture is in a celebri-spiral. We're conflicted over our ridiculous, growing celebrity culture consumption via magazines, websites, and TV shows. In 2007, my love/hate conflict made me take to the blog-o-sphere. All writing on this site © Dave Singleton 2009.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 26, 2007: Drinking the Kool Aid

This is really scary, but I am starting to think there's some higher purpose, some divine intervention, calling forth these celebrity hurricanes so we can heal our wounds as a nation.

Should I immediately cancel my subscriptions to all media? Direct TV, OK!, US...all of it? Do I need a parental blocker for the Internet, too? Just like they have adult diapers modeled after the traditional ones for babies, maybe there should be adult Web blockers that keep you from wasting time on ridiculous celebri-spiraling.


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