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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24, 2007: Buh Bye Rosie

Rosie is leaving The View, and in the wake of Imus and several other shock jocks on radio and TV, such as the "Flied Lice" firing, we'll hear one less celebrity voice weighing in on everything.

But as summer turns to fall, so then Rosie turns to Star, and we can look forward to The Star Jones show on Court TV this fall.

Funny how these two are taking turns in the overbearing-celebrity
-talk-show-host hot seat.

For as many serious socio-political issues as Rosie tackles-which one can argue contribute to raising consciousness about gay/lesbian rights, gun control, and the Bush administration-will her tenure be remembered as a celebri-spiral of feisty sound bytes about, and overblown feuds with, other celebrities like Donald Trump?


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