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Sunday, May 6, 2007

May 6, 2007: Celebri-spiral Does Not Pass Go or Collect $200. Instead, Paris Goes to Jail

Jail is sooooooo not hot.

If good taste, lack of sense, and outlandish superegos were criminal offenses, Paris Hilton would have gone to jail a long time ago. But they are not. Sadly, these crimes aren't punishable by law.

As a society, we could decide to deem them unacceptable, and then the celebrity tabloid business would go under, as our social intelligence quotient recovers.

But will we? Not today, at least it doesn't look likely.

Instead, just like it took a tax error to land Al Capone in the pokey, it's taken probation violation and too much booze for a judge to rule that Paris will head to Los Angeles County Jail for 45 days on June 5th.

Well, if she broke several laws and ignored all the rules, shouldn't she?

Justice is served. And that's hot.


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