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Saturday, May 12, 2007

May 12, 2007: $600 Diaper Bag Marketed with Celebrity Envy

Just what new moms need to know. As if struggling to manage home, finances, and new baby isn't enough!

Featured in In Style magazine, the new baby diaper bag (Angelina & Tori Gaga for Same Diaper Bag) is the latest celebrity envy-inducing product to grace the pages of yet another endlessly materialistic glossy. Hey, it only costs $600. That's affordable for the average reader of In Style, no?

As reported by TMZ:

In between Angie saving the world and Tori opening a Bed and Breakfast, both ladies recently picked up Hammitt's $600 Suzy leather diaper bag. No Babies "R" Us for these mamacitas! StyleChic's Aly Scott tells TMZ that Angelina got hers in Oscar-winning black, while Tori opted for one in a more reality show appropriate hue.

And once diaper-changing days are over for these hot mamas, the plush pouch doubles as a stylish travel duffel. Which will be perfect for all of Angelina's Third World jaunts and Tori's trips to day spas in the 90210!


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