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Monday, April 9, 2007

April 9, 2007: Celebrity Magazines Are Falling! It's a Celebri-Sky-Fall

Celebrity magazines are falling! Celebrity magazines are


Oh shut up and quit having a celebri-spiral, Chicken Celebri-little!

Maybe it's just a cycle. Or, maybe not?
Here are the facts:

* Star cuts its reported circulation!
* OK! misses its rate base!
* Growth slows at US!

According to today's Ad Age's article Guess Who's Not Getting Any Fatter! Celeb Mags Max Out (shout out to reader futurejunkie for providing tip), celebrity coverage has hit the fan, the wall, or the ground, depending on where you sit in the hen house.

Can you just picture bloodbaths the color of the red carpet, as pink-slipped celebri-journalists slip their exclusives-in-progress into secret coat pocket compartments before Security escorts them out the back door of American Media?

Is waning interest to blame? Doubtful. Blame TMZ.

Or, this could be a blip, who knows?

Still, it's fun to speculate that the celebrity magazine sky is falling.

Don't you like the thought of Bonnie "Foxy Loxy" Fuller and Janice "Cocky Lockey" Min panicking after "Chicken Licken" Ad Age dropped an acorn of a report on their heads?


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