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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 31, 2007: Dying to Project Our Fantasies Onto a New "It Girl." Sienna, Is That You?

I'm excited about Factory Girl, the new film about Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick, the more creative and less obnoxious Paris Hilton of her time. Edie Sedgwick lived fast and burned out before thirty. Can we hope the same for Paris? Not that I want to see Ms. Hilton dead, I just want her PR killed. I want a Paris-free trip past the tabloids for a few weeks.

Forgetting Paris for a moment (or day, or week, or forever), is life imitating art with the arrival on the scene of Factory Girl star Sienna Miller? She's been everywhere this week: every talk show, party, and newspaper. She has "it girl" potential for sure, but she's nobody's muse. At least not yet. Someone stylish and smart like Tom Ford really needs to grab hold of her before that happens.

Our friend Cindy has the coverage of the Factory Girl premiere, with some tidbits about Sienna:

The Weinstein Company's "Factory Girl" is a movie about the fast-paced, druggy wild world of Andy Warhol. Sienna Miller plays Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick. Edie was a beautiful blonde. Sienna is a beautiful blonde. Edie lived on top of the world and was a media darling. Sienna's face and body and clothes and comments and lifestyle and lovers glut every newspaper and magazine. Edie did all-night glam parties. Just yesterday, Page Six had a story about Sienna partying around the clock until, supposedly, Diddy left her at, supposedly, 9 a.m. Edie then fell into her own hell. So . . . can this ever happen to Sienna?

And The New York Post has the latest on her wild, wicked, partying ways with P. Diddy, no less. She's bringing back memories of 60's bohemia and 70's Studio 54 decadence. Thanks, Sienna, for allowing a danger-hungry populace to project our fantasies onto you. But one warning: read about how Diddy's last famous muse, Jennifer Lopez, ended up in the pokey for a night after a post club shootout. That will make for some cautionary tale reading that, hopefully, will not shackle a new It Girl's buzz.


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