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Sunday, January 28, 2007

January 28, 2007: Jennifer Aniston's Nose Job-US Goes in for the Kill

Out of all the celebrity news this weekend-and there's plenty, including Cameron Diaz "losing it" (TV reporters are such drama queens) at Justin Timberlake and alleged new love interest Jessica Biel, one story stands out. It's pronounced. It's big. It's...it's...it's...Jennifer Aniston's nose.

I always thought she had a cute nose, but now she's joined the ranks of Cameron Diaz (again!) and Ashlee Simpson with new hollywood honkers. What makes the story smell so good to me is the fact that US magazine is covering it like a CNN breaking murder. Minute-by-minute updates. Reporters and photographers camped out on the scene. Web coverage that includes not only a couple of grainy pictures of Jennifer covering her face but also a probably-manufactured war with her plastic surgeon and blog commentary from, at last count, 383 people who feel compelled (I am one to talk) to offer their fast and furious scribbles about it.

Visit US for the scoop and be alternatingly entertained and appalled by the passion people pour into this poor woman's nose.

Unlike most of US's stories, which focus on celebrities du jour without too much seemingly-personal vengeance, the Aniston "exclusive," in which her doctor rats her out, appears after almost two years of her rep Steven Huvane countering claims by US that she was, in order, about to divorce, get engaged, and break up. US then called Huvane a known liar who repeatedly issued false information.

Huvane countered by providing Jennifer exclusives to rival magazine People, flat out denying US's reports. You can't help but feel that US has it in for her, and for him. This is a true tabloid war, circa 2007; it's editor against PR rep.


Blogger Lisa G said...

The nose job is a red herring. Jennifer Aniston is one of those celebs who makes newsstand sales skyrocket. The mags will jump on any excuse to put her on their covers. And if by tormenting her they can actually bring about some real misery, all the better. They'll keep poking at her until she has an apocalyptic breakdown that they can attribute to Brad and Lippy Adopter. The unhappier the celebrity, the bigger the sales:


Monday, January 29, 2007 3:30:00 PM  

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