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Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 26, 2007: Rosie vs. Elizabeth Celebri-spiral and Act Out Our Feelings in the Process

Did you see the fight between Elizabeth Hasselback and Rosie O'D on The View this week? It pains me to say two things:

1) As much as Rosie seems over the top much of the time, I see nothing strange in what she said or did. She asked Elizabeth to clarify something, which Elizabeth chose not to do. Instead, Elizabeth lost her temper, a fact few are noting. I agree with Rosie 100%.

2) Two celebrities fighting on opposites sides of Iraq war strategy - it goes without saying that both support the troops! - actually help us get our feelings out in the open. Sad, sad, sad. Two famous women express the bitter divide that many of us don't take let out enough. Two celebrities acted this out for us and we got to vicariously experience, and perhaps either deepen or release, some strong emotions about the U.S. led Iraq war.

Perhaps if more of us had this kind of debate with those close to us, or around us, or even with strangers via a blog, we wouldn't care so much about the latest drama on The View, which happens during sweeps week, the celebri-spiraling blogger cynically notes.


Blogger Lisa G said...

This fight is not about taking Rosie's side or the side of that little blonde girl. No one, but no one, should be listening to what anyone on The View has to say about the war, politics, our troops, the president ... pretty much any topic you can think of that Condoleeza deals with day in and day out, you don't need to switch on The View to get their weigh-in. Who gives a flying french horn whether or not Rosie supports our troops? She's not making policy decisions, people. (If you're going to vilify her, do so for her choice not to wear makeup at public appearances. A little lip gloss never hurt anyone.)

If you're not watching for their political opinions, why are you watching? To see the cat fight. Nothing wrong with that -- I myself enjoyed this clip THOROUGHLY. To me whatever Rosie says is always right just because I dislike that blonde girl so intensely. It's not so much her policy views (atrocious, yes, but she's entitled) -- it's her conviction that her opinions matter so very much. And why does she think that? Because people turn the damn show on!

You see, even if you take Rosie's side on this one, it's the wrong side. The right side is to watch Tyra. Go with your crazy self Ty Ty! I love it when she rolls around in the aisles in an ecstatic fervor. Oprah, take note.

Friday, May 25, 2007 6:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Lisa's initial sentiment...the insanity is that anyone would form opinions about the war, foreign policy, Dems, Republicans, Pres Bush, how to vote, whatever, by listening to two people who are handsomely paid to sit in front of a camera and babble between commercials. What I love about the Rosie/Elisabeth debacle and The View in general is how it has exposed what a bunch of psychos these broads are and what bitches women can be to one another....ugh...such a mess!

Saturday, May 26, 2007 8:40:00 AM  

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