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Thursday, January 11, 2007

January 11, 2007: Ready for the Posh and Becks Onslaught?

I have Becks fever...He's a sexy man who gets points for his metrosexuality and a forgiving pass..for the weirdly high voice.

On the heels of David Beckham's newly announced $250 million deal with a relatively unknown Los Angeles soccer team that will lead he and his wife to move to the states, Armani just told the world that Becks want to be an actor.

Actor? Or just king of the world. International star. "The man." Period. For someone that intrigues so many, we know oddly little about him, other than he takes some damn sexy pictures when he's trying and when he's not (see above pic).

His hot presence in the states should heat things up for a public that's grown tired of TomKat's antics, and is ready to drink from a new well of celebrity envy.


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