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Sunday, January 7, 2007

January 7, 2007: Will You Always Love Whitney's Crackpipe and Crusty Undies? Buy Some Yourself!

Not only did Whitney lose her house in Atlanta to foreclosure, but they're auctioning her nasty panties, push up bras and crack pipes in a seedy New Jersey warehouse.

Andrea Peyser, in her New York Post column on Whitney's auction filtered through the grungy crap before the sale and described them as "underthings you would not want to touch without preventive medication." In fact, it's reported that drag queens walked out saying the stuff was too low rent. Learning to love yourself after hitting rock bottom better be the greatest love of all.

From adorable teen Whitney to "The Bodyguard" to "crack is whack" to "Being Bobby Brown" and Whitney's Famous Kiss My Ass Montage on You Tube to Motel Six and the National Enquirer shots of crackpipes and a trashed mini-bar, what would you want from Whitney's life and career if you could pick through the droppings in a seedy New Jersey warehouse?


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