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Saturday, January 6, 2007

January 6, 2007: I Love Liz Smith

I love Liz Smith. Liz Smith's column is my first daily stop in celeb-world.

She always kicks her column off with an interesting quote and here is today's: "Philosophers say the best thing about celebrities is that their misbehavior distracts us from more pressing matters," writes Ken Barnes. True, true.

In the past year, in the midst of Hurricane Katrina clean up, the Iraq war, and social unrest, we get Lindsay Lohan exiting a club drunk.Liz goes on to comment on Penelope Cruz as a super celeb who stays out of the media firestorm:"Well, in the middle of last year's holidays, I met a 'celebrity' who isn't known for misbehavior. This gorgeous woman managed to have two huge public romances with major American male stars - Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey - without making too many waves. And when she and they said bye-bye, well, the breakups also happened with a maximum of dignity and no horrid true confessions. We tabloid fans never knew much about what these guys and Penelope Cruz felt. And she refuses to talk about her former lovers. So who is this paragon of virtue, high ambition and professional intent?"Penelope Cruz says no, and she manages her personal life well.

Sure, some stars (Jennifer Aniston) may get much more than they ask for, but so many of them hurl themselves at the media and then complain about the attention. Celebrities: just say no.


Blogger Dave Singleton said...

I don't know I always thought that Penelope Cruz didn't say anything because she was paid or because she has something to hide or because she still cant' speak English very well.

Monday, January 22, 2007 2:42:00 PM  

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