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Friday, January 5, 2007

January 5, 2007: WeSmirch, The New Celebrity Gossip Aggregator

Just when I started overdosing on celebrity news, my friend Cathleen Rittereiser, the Comedy Legend sends me this email:"Check it out! A new Website that aggregates all the gossip blogs!!! http://www.wesmirch.com"

Great. Just what I need. Just what we all need. So now at a glance I can find out that Lindsay Lohan exited the hospital after being miraculously healed from her "appendicitis" in one glorious day, Ivanka Trump hates Rosie, too, and Britney and Kevin agree on custody...The headline adds an ominous "for now."Most of these blogs repeat what other blogs or entertainment news sources report, but now it's like getting the news from 48 TV's blasting it at you in the windows of Best Buy.


Blogger Dave Singleton said...

Dave, thanks for the shout out. Look at it this way, if we have to live in the world that besieges us with celebrity news and info 24/7 at least wesmirch makes it more convenient. - Cathleen

Monday, January 22, 2007 11:51:00 AM  

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