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Thursday, January 4, 2007

January 4, 2007: The Year of Celebuskanks-My Top Ten

It's a term that, in our media world, hardly needs definition. People hear the term, mutter "Paris Hilton," and nod. But if you want the real definition, simple as it is, here goes.

Also, see Celebriskank.

There's plenty in the blogosphere on celebuskanks, but I think this elaboration on the celebuskank phenomenon Why Celebuskanks Exist is, at least, thought out, if full of questionable scientific reasoning behind why Paris, Britney and Ms. Firecrotch Lohan herself are compelled to show crotch.The top ten celebuskanks I'd like to see less of in 2007 are, in rank order (and I mean that in every sense of the word "rank"):

1. Paris Hilskank
2. Britney Spearskank
3. Lindskank Lohan
4. Anna Nic-ho Smithskank
5. Nic-ho Richskank
6. Tara Boobilicious Reidskank
7. Pamela Lee Rock Anderskank
8. Denise "Jolene" Richardskank
9. Heather Mills McCartskank
10. Two for one's Jessica and Ashlee Simpskank

Manskank shout-outs to Fed Ex, Brandon Doofus, Wilmer Crabs Valderama, Colin Farrell, Mel Gibson, Middle Aged Rock, Michael Richards, Donald Trump, Clay Aiken, Mark Foley, hypocritical colset case preachers, and Rosie O'Donnell. Did I miss any on your list?


Blogger Dave Singleton said...


Bert Decker on "Create Your Communications Experience" has a great term for these gals "The Mice Pack". They are number 5 on his list of the worst communicators of 06. I've included his comments below and a link to the post.

5. Lindsay, Paris, Britney & Nicole – The Mice Pack

The age of ‘real men’ had the Rat Pack, now we have sunk to the girls of the Mice Pack. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Nicole Richie are beautiful young women who don’t have a voice, even though some of them can sing. And when they speak – only the paparazzi listen. Of course when they behave – it’s girls behaving badly, and it’s what they are now known for. Unfortunately only the media pick them up, for they have nothing to say except to shield themselves from the cameras.

Top Ten (Best and Worst) Communicators of 2006 (http://www.bertdecker.com/experience/2006/12/top_ten_best_an.html)


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